About Giro Katsimbrakis

Giro Katsimbrakis

Giro Katsimbrakis

About Giro Katsimbrakis

For the last twenty years, Giro Katsimbrakis has worked in real estate starting out as a leasing agent in the bustling New York City. Giro worked for a renowned company called Kiska Developers which is a leading real estate company.

With Kiska, Giro quickly ascended the company ladder reaching top agent status and later becoming Director of Sales. As Director of Sales, Giro helped the company expand its number of agents and grow overall.

After leaving Kiska, Giro founded his own real estate company East River Companies, which he brought to both Las Vegas and Arizona. Giro also started a real estate company in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas area known as Distressed Property Wholesalers.


Founded by Giro Katsimbrakis, the National Multifamily Investors Group is a team of investors who share a passion for investing in multifamily properties. Giro and his group are committed to providing excellent real estate education and training for anyone aspiring to become a successful multifamily investor. Giro understands that investing, at its core, is about creating a successful business model that will enable you to achieve your goals. All clients sit down with a NMIG team member trained to help identify and achieve financial goals. Team members A) provide you with a roadmap, and B) walk you through every step of the way.

Giro and NMIG deeply believe in the value of solid relationships. For this reason. the team treats every client as a parter, and strives to provide the highest standard of professionalism and client services. After a long and prosperous career, Giro Katsimbrakis knows that success is a direct result of helping others achieve their investment goals.

About Multifamily Housing

Multi-family residential housing is also called multi-dwelling housing and consists of a type of housing unit in which multiple separate housing units are combined inside one building. One example of this type of building would be an apartment building. Another example of this type of building would be a condominium. Although this types are often owned individually over being leased from an apartment owner. There is a variety of different multi-family housing types including a two-flat, a three-flat, a four-flat, a duplex, a townhouse, an apartment building, a mix use building and an apartment community.

Two-Flat Building. Similar to a house, this building has a flat downstairs and one upstairs. The basement is typically shared between the two flats.

Three-Flat Building. This is also similar to a two-flat, but in this building there are 3 flats rather than only two.

Duplex. This usually consists of a two attached houses. They each have their own entrance and don’t share any type of common area.

Townhouse. This is a house that is attached to a number of similar houses in a row. Each townhouse has its own owner.

Why invest in Multifamily properties? Giro Katsimbrakis has 6 great reasons:

  • Cash flow on a multifamily property will always be greater than that of a single family because there are simply more rents coming in.
  • The greater the number of units, the lesser the risk. Lose a tenant of a single family house and you’ve lost 100% of your income. Lose a tenant in a four-family property, you still have three rents coming in with which to pay your expenses.
  • Economies of scale. Say you have five single family houses–that’s five lawns to maintain, five roofs to repair, etc. Factor in travel time and cost and you’ve got a logistical nightmare. On the other hand, with one five-family property, you’ve got everything right in one place.
  • Crazily enough, there’s less competition in the multifamily market. How can this be? Because relatively no one is teaching how to do it! Scores of other groups out there help investors flip single family houses–meanwhile, here at NMIG we’re helping our clients draw in way more cash with way less effort.
  • You can use those bigger cash flows to hire management companies and rid yourself of hassle while you focus on finding and financing properties.
  • When you eventually sell your properties, the returns are a lot larger. Apartment complexes cost more than single family homes, and they obtain a greater appreciation.

You probably know a few people who have made a fair amount of money flipping single family houses, but anyone who has become extremely wealthy through real estate made the real money through multifamily investments. Contact Giro Katsimbrakis at NMIG today to get started!



Giro Katisimbrakis